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By David Lynch

Teye & Belén :: FlamencObsesionArte (CoraZong)

It's one thing to master an art, but it's another to do so in a foreign land. And it's still another to successfully relocate your hard-earned skills to a third culture. So goes the story of strummer extraordinaire Teye (pronounced like "hi ya"). Teye was raised in the Netherlands, but flamenco pulled him to Spain, where he learned guitarra flamenca from resident masters. He and Belén, his lovely Spanish dancer wife, now lead an Austin-based flamenco ensemble that tours all over the world. Teye & Co.'s passion is obvious, from FlamencObsesionArte's artistically rendered, poetry-filled liner notes, to their "Best Music Video/ DVD" 2004 Austin Music Awards nod for "Sol del Caribe"............

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