When Dutch flamenco guitarist Teye first met his future artistic partner and wife Belén in her native Sevilla, so mesmerized was he by her fiery spirit that he didn’t even notice she was beautiful—or so he declares. Over a decade later, evenings with Teye & Belén begin with Teye teasing out exotic, tantalizing tones on his guitar, catalyzing the night’s mood with his opening strum. Belén sits on the cajón (wooden box drum) sparingly tapping rhythms to accent the guitar’s melody, smoldering in her relative repose. Then she rises, flawlessly executing staccato footwork and spinning patterns, with dramatic poses punctuating her sinuous turns. Blazing incandescent with intensity and beauty, she sings, drawing you into the world of Teye & Belén.

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Versión en Español

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